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More about the David Bay Evangelism Scholarship

Eligibility:  This scholarship is for Christians from CCCNZ/Open Brethren churches to further their gifting in evangelism. You must be either within New Zealand or a New Zealand citizen to be eligible for this scholarship.

Focus: To equip people to participate more effectively in evangelism in New Zealand.

Level of study: Informal, Certificate, Diploma and Degree

David Bay was a well respected farmer and dairy director.  He served as a director of the New Zealand Co-operative Dairy Company for 21 years, and the New Zealand Dairy Board for 12 years.  David was also known for his love of God and his passion for Scripture.  In 1962 he and others had the vision to establish the Hillview Trust.  The purpose of the Hillview Trust was to invest funds into agriculture enterprises so the profits could go to support Christian work.  In 1974 the trust purchased a property in Reporoa and converted the land into a dairy farm.  Since then the trust has been using the profits from its farming operations to fund a large range of ministries.

In honour of David Bay and his vision for seeing the good news of Jesus spread across New Zealand this scholarship was established to see people who have a passion for evangelism to be equipped for service.

The David Bay Evangelism Scholarship is kindly provided by the Hillview Trust and Lichfield Lands Incorporated.

David Bay
David Bay

David Bay Scholarship | Hillview Trust & Lichfield Lands Inc.  | 3 Trusts Scholarships CCCNZ
Trustees of Hillview

David Bay Scholarship | Hillview Trust & Lichfield Lands Inc.  | 3 Trusts Scholarships CCCNZ

"... look to the Lord in everything.  Whether you are planting your crops, or whatever you are doing - in prayer - to cast all your cares on Him for he cares for you.  And to recognise that there is a Sovereign overruling hand.  And it is in His hand to prosper or to humble, however He chooses." 

David Bay

Not sure if you're eligible?

If you are unsure if you or the study you wish to complete is eligible get in contact with 3TRUSTS Scholarship team.  They would love to have chat to talk about what you're doing and to see if one of the 3TRUSTS scholarships might be a right fit for you.

At 3TRUSTS we want to build an ongoing relationship with people willing to serve the New Zealand church. We want to see people discipled, trained and released to serve. We see the scholarships as the beginning point to help grow the New Zealand Church.


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