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More about the Matt Alexander Scholarship

Eligibility:  This scholarship is for applicants from churches outside the CCCNZ movement. Applicants for the Matt Alexander scholarship will be undertaking a programme of postgraduate study or study to a high level (this could be in New Zealand or off-shore). 

Level of study: Masters, PhD, DMin

When to ApplyApplications for this scholarship are welcome at any time throughout the year and will be considered in quarterly meetings. The deadlines for each round are shown below:

In 1951 Matthew Alexander had the crazy idea of buying land in the Waikato so that it could be "farmed for God".  Along with his brother-in-law and good friend, John Baldwin, Matt was inspired by the work of other Christian businessmen who saw they could have a powerful impact in the world by using the profits from their business for God's work.  With their families, these two men set up a charitable trust, bought forestry land that had just been logged and went about investing their time and money into farming for God.  It was hard work as much of the clearing had to be done by hand.  Through their work, they were able to change the land into productive blocks and use the profits from their work to fund Christian work and community projects.

The impact that these two men have had on the New Zealand and the global church has been both widespread and longstanding.  Although, not many people know Matt Alexander by name almost everyone in the New Zealand church has been impacted by him in some way.

Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander

This scholarship was established in honour of Matt Alexander, to resource the Christian church in New Zealand. The purpose of the scholarship is to grow and develop thinking Christian leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand. Through the generosity of Matt Alexander, his family and many others this scholarship was established to see the New Zealand church thrive in serving and loving God and those around it. 

The Matthew Alexander Scholarship is kindly provided by the Longview Trust.

"Investing in current and potential Christian leadership to be productive and compassionate in church and community life." 

The vision of the Matthew Alexander Scholarship

Not sure if you're eligible?

If you are unsure if you or the study you wish to complete is eligible get in contact with 3TRUSTS Scholarship team.  They would love to have chat to talk about what you're doing and to see if one of the 3TRUSTS scholarships might be a right fit for you.

At 3TRUSTS we want to build an ongoing relationship with people willing to serve the New Zealand church. We want to see people discipled, trained and released to serve. We see the scholarships as the beginning point to help grow the New Zealand Church.


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